10 Of The Most Customisable WordPress Themes Ever

October 10, 2017| Frances

You and your business are unique – so your website should be too.

Whatever you use your WordPress website for you, there’s a super-customisable WordPress theme out there for you.

In general, look for themes that offer pre-made templates for different industries and that match the look and function you want for your site. The closer your theme can get to what you want the less time you have to spend doing the customising yourself.

What’s the difference between WordPress themes and frameworks? Frameworks aren’t just super-powered themes. They are a tool for massively customising and in large part building your own themes. Frameworks can also be referred to as builders. In practical application they are pretty much the same thing so we are going to look at themes that label themselves both as themes and frameworks here.

Presenting… the most customisable WordPress themes

Which WordPress theme is the most customisable? Here are our top picks.

Genesis was one of the first big frameworks to come along and it is still going strong where many competitors have fallen away. It helped that Genesis had some very powerful supporters in the shape of Copyblogger and the like. You can have your own templates, content widgets and put it all together for a totally customisable theme.

It’s supported by StudioPress and powers over half a million websites. Try out the live demo.

Genesis would suit a larger, traditional website that needs different styles of pages with more flexibility than is offered by most themes.

Thesis bills itself as the ultimate design and template manager for WordPress. It uses what it calls “skins” to offer a drag and drop design, along with “boxes” for content. It’s all just a different, powerful way of customising your theme. It cuts out the need for a lot of plugins or custom code.

It’s produced by DIYThemes and you can take it for a test drive.

If you want to create your own widget-like functions and add them anywhere to your page templates then Thesis will really help you out. The pre-built skins will save time in getting the highly customisable look that you are after.

Divi comes from Elegant Themes and is a theme and visual page builder. That visual element makes it incredibly simple for anyone to design stunning themes. Drag and drop in a live preview, just click and start typing. “What you see is what you get” has come to webdesign and Divi is making the most of it.

Elegant Themes are a great producer of themes and Divi is their top offering. Try out the builder demo for a taste.

With its real-time design Divi will be a great fit if you are new to themes and are looking for an easy to use product.

WPeddit is a theme not just for the look of your site but for the functionality too, in conjunction with the WPeddit plugin. Want to make your own version of Reddit? There’s a theme for that. You can use a WordPress theme to create a website that [[[looks nothing like a blog]]]. WPeddit takes the fantastic features and flexibility of WordPress and organises it to create something completely unique.

These are abilities you would think you need a web developer for, but here they are in a theme. Users can submit content, discuss and upvote and that content is ranked with a Reddit-like algorithm and displayed in trending, hot and other categories.

Its WordPress customisation toward a single goal. You have lots of options to customise yourself but the heavy lifting has already been done by the theme itself to give you a model used by one of the biggest sites on the internet.

Have a look at WPeddit in action – looks and acts just like Reddit. And find out how to make a site like Reddit with WordPress.

If you want your site to do something completely different but still want to use WordPress without any coding hassle, then WPeddit is the theme for you. Build a popular site with user generated content and completely customisable to any purpose.

Themify offer lots of themes but Ultra is by far the most powerful, most customisable of them all. Ultra comes with design skins and great Builder features, 60+ pre-made layouts and all sorts of style options to choose from. Page layouts, post layouts, archive layouts, post and page headers – all have options to choose from for a completely unique look.

These themes are beautifully designed and you should check out the demo.

If you need design inspiration or don’t know where to start with how your website should look, Ultra’s demos and examples are a fantastic place to get a stunning design.

Maybe you have a great idea for “the next Product Hunt” for your industry, niche or hobby. Product Hunt is a hugely popular site that can make or break the launches of new tech products or services online. With the Plugin Hunt theme you can make your own version, all on WordPress. It does everything Product Hunt can do, with user generated content, discussion, voting and user accounts. This is a massive expansion of what WordPress can do – just by adding a theme.

See the example site for a glimpse at what this unique and highly customisable theme can do.

Plugin Hunt is perfect for a whole new kind of website that follows the content curation trend. Customise the look and feel and make the most of all the tweaks already done to completely transform the WordPress core.

Or if you want the the trendy, flat UI of Growth Hackers, you need the Epic Hackers theme. Growth Hackers has a bustling community and is a great example of a new kind of business you can create with WordPress themes. You and your users can post articles, links, discussions, Q&As, AMAs and videos. The amount of customisation that has already gone on to shape your basic WordPress site into this theme is huge and you can completely customise all the design elements yourself.

Epic Hackers is from Epic Themes and you can have a play with the demo.

Building a community for your niche around your product or service is easy with Epic Hackers. Get a great value theme and skip all the coding time and money you thought it must take to customise your site.

You know we talked above about themes with lots of pre-built templates? BeTheme has over 270 ready-made sites so you can get set up instantly.

Check out the live preview. Ideal if you just want to get up and running instantly.

Bridge has 210+ demos you can use for your site as is heavy on the visuals so you can easily get a completely unique look with this highly customisable WordPress theme.

Take a tour and see all the niche demos for yourself. If you need a beautiful theme for your creative website then Bridge might be the super-customisable theme that you need.

Avada just celebrated its fifth birthday and is still one of the most popular WordPress themes out there. With over 300,000 sales under its belt each website is still going to look unique thanks to the vast array of options to customise. It has pre-built demos that you can import easily and install in one click to get up and running quickly.

See the demo and try all the layouts. Avada is an out-the-box solution if you want a powerful theme with tonnes of options that is ready to go.

That is a stellar set of the most customisable WordPress themes ever. If you are looking for the ultimate in options to build a truly unique site you are sure to find the solution here.

There are still a few more tricks up our sleeve though…

Customise your site even more with plugins

We’ve seen some really powerful themes here that do so much more than tweak the colours on a site. Like WPeddit, that completely changes the functionality of WordPress. And like with WPeddit, some of that heavy lifting is done with the help of a plugin.

Plugins can boost your site’s abilities in certain areas where your theme might be lacking or you need a little more.

Want to add social networking features? BuddyPress is the plugin for you. How about a storefront for your site? WooCommerce is the top WordPress ecommerce plugin. Add polls with Easy Polling, supercharge your images for social sharing with Social Gallery.

The Plugin Hunt theme in our top ten can be extended with plugins like Collections, which adds the ability for users to collect their favourite content and for you to produce featured collections. OnboardMe boosts user retention by helping them get started with the site. And NotifyMe extends the user’s account to give notifications on-site and by email.

You should now be well on your way to a completely customised and customisable WordPress site using these themes and plugins. WordPress is incredibly versatile and the right framework or theme can shape it to do exactly what you want without needing costly development.

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