15 WordPress Themes For Real Estate

December 5, 2017| Frances

Estate agents do a lot of trade online but some of their websites can look a bit old and be hard to use. If you are in real estate you want a fresh look and a powerful backend but without the huge cost of something completely custom.

So WordPress themes for real estate listings are the answer. Using the WordPress content management system you can easily build your site with the right real estate themes.

What makes a great WordPress theme for real estate?

There are some features that should be a given for a great real estate theme.

It might be “location, location, location” for estate agents but for online real estate listings the three most important words are “images, images, images”. You need images – big ones. High quality enough to take up the whole screen. And if it is a tiny phone screen they need to be responsive too. They need to be nicely organised into easily navigable galleries.

A Google Maps integration is essential for your customers to pick out their preferred areas and search by location. Being able to quickly look on a map and see pins for the properties is a system that people are used to and will be looking for. Don’t throw a spanner in the works with a custom map. Keep it simple and intuitive.

Accessing all those properties needs a powerful search with plenty of filters and options. You don’t want your potential customers getting frustrated by seeing lots of unsuitable homes. They need to be able to finely tune their search to see just the features of the property that they are most interested in, without being overwhelmed by options.

Drag and drop visual editors make easy work of getting the design exactly as you like it. Many of these themes come with a visual editor included which is a great deal and a great option for a quick design fix.

Pre-made templates and importable demos will save you time in setting up your site. Upload all the content to see exactly how your site will look and then swap out the photos and details once you are happy. Several of these themes come with quick templates, presets and options that you can use to hit the ground running.

15 high performing, unique WordPress themes for real estate

First, let’s sneak in the themes that aren’t for estate agents, but for individuals looking to sell their house. DIY home sales are becoming more popular to avoid fees and retain control. But there’s big competition online from the huge listings sites. So a solo site has to look and work really well in order to keep up.

Solus is a theme for selling individual houses. It looks great and is ready to set up and go with demo content included. Plus there’s video documentation to help and extensive support docs too. The “schedule a viewing” button is a nice call to action.

DreamVilla is another single property theme. There’s a nice feature where you can list and pinpoint nearby features to give prospective buyers an idea of the amenities and really sell the local area.

Now to the best WordPress themes for real estate agents and businesses.

Zoner has some great features including messaging, email invites, memberships and property comparison lists, invoicing, bookmarks, social logins and is ready to go with PayPal and Stripe integration.

The feature list is busting at the seams with good stuff. Try out the preview.

MyHome is one of the cheaper options and would work well as a real estate portal or property directory. You can take submissions from agents and collect payments. There’s a detailed search engine too.

HomePro helps you run your business with user submissions and the ability to assign agents to different listings, all within WordPress. There are lots of modules you can add and really fine tune your site with the drag and drop builder.

Have a look at the demo.

Houzez also bills itself as a WordPress-based property management system for running a business, not just a website.

CitiLights has straightforward front-end submissions and a simple dashboard for agents.

Residence has over 10,000 sales with customisable demos, advanced search options and over 350 options to tweak to your heart’s content. Use it for an agency or let users submit their own properties for a fee.

Give the demo a go.

RealtySpace has a drag and drop homepage builder with plugins like Revolution Slider and Visual Composer included so you can quickly put together your perfect layout.

Real Places has different options for layouts like the home listing and multiple listings views so you can experiment with the most effective design. All the layouts look clean and bold for the visitors and for you there are lots of documentation and screenshots to guide you through the design and setup.

Try the demo.

Bellaina has tonnes of modules and a library of presets to help you make your layouts quickly and easily.

Square is a seriously good looking theme that is stylish and easy to navigate. It uses the Cornerstone page builder and Slider Revolution and comes ready with 8 stunning homepage layouts to experiment with.

Have a look at the demo.

Something a little different: Villagio is for rentals and property bookings. No, you don’t just have to rely on AirBnB. Show off your properties then take bookings and payments instantly.

If you want your users to search out the best real estate listings for you then Plugin Hunt is a great theme. It’s based on the hugely popular Product Hunt site but would work nicely in the real estate niche.

Hunt out properties based on location, size or a theme. It would work well for commercial properties too, which aren’t well served by the themes above which seem to concentrate more on the residential market.

You can collect affiliate commissions, sponsorship or advertising revenue. Or attach it to your own real estate business to build a community and brand familiarity.

Epic Hackers would make an engaging site for property-hunters, real estate professionals or sharing industry news. There’s lots of opportunities to build professional relationships when you have a popular resource. It confers instant authority and influence.

The Epic Hackers theme is based on the Growth Hackers site and sure enough they began as a community and then moved into software, consulting and publishing. You could easily leverage your real estate community site to do the same.

Find out how to build your own Growth Hackers style website with WordPress.

Real estate themes on WordPress for real engagement

The benefit of a more community oriented site built with the Plugin Hunt or Epic Hackers theme is avoiding the overly sell-sell-sell nature of most estate agent websites. If you are a small business or independent vendor it is your relationships and personal touch that are your biggest assets.

Becoming a respected and trusted authority in your area won’t come just from having a shiny listings site. Even a blog won’t cut it anymore, least of all a rarely updated one.

But you can take those relationships and connections online. By providing real value to people they will know where to turn when the time comes to sell or buy, and where to send their friends and family when they want to do the same.

So as well as a traditional listings site you should think about building a community around your business and niche. Even focussing on your colleagues rather than customers can reap the rewards of better connections and relationships, more exposure and more opportunities.

What else do you need for a successful real estate site?

Before we finish up, there are a few other things you will need to consider for your real estate site.

All these images come at a cost to your site’s performance. So get a caching plugin for your site like  W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache or WP Rocket to keep things running smoothly and speedily.

Boost your exposure by making it easy to share photos and videos from your site. The Social Gallery suite of plugins gives you Facebook-style image galleries, lots of sharing options and the ability to comment on images right on your own site. Visitors can use the Facebook ID to discuss and even tag other users on Facebook. If they see a property they love or they think a friend might like it is super easy to share it with Social Gallery.

There are lots of different options to choose from for your real estate theme. Have a look at the demos and think about what you want to achieve with your site. Getting as close to that look and feel from the start will cut down on the amount of time you have to spend perfecting your site.

All of these themes are unique and high performing so your site will automatically be a cut above, whether you are just starting off or looking to give your existing website a facelift.

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