15 WordPress Themes For Real Estate

December 5, 2017| Frances|

Estate agents do a lot of trade online but some of their websites can look a bit old and be hard to use. If you are in real estate you want a fresh look and a powerful backend but without the huge cost of something completely custom. So WordPress themes for real estate listings are the answer. Using the WordPress content management system you can easily build your site with the right real estate themes.

Can You Build A Site Like Groupon With WordPress?

November 28, 2017| Frances|

Daily deals, bundles, discount codes, coupons and group buying sites are all huge. Hugely profitable, hugely popular, and, you would think, hugely complicated. Groupon and sites like it need developers and all the time and money that comes with that. So even if you have a great idea for a site like Groupon you might be put off from trying to get it started.

How to Start a Social Media Business on WordPress

November 21, 2017| Frances|

If you are a social media junkie then starting a social media business might sound like your perfect job. Getting paid to shoot the breeze on Twitter all day, come up with some memes and keep an eye on Facebook. You could become a digital nomad and do all this sat on a beach in Bali or Thailand. Sounds good. Where do you sign up? In practice, social media business ideas are a bit harder to come by. Original ones, at least. There are a whole crowd of wannabes out there. Standing out from that crowd can be tough.

Ultimate WordPress Themes To Launch Your New Online Course

November 14, 2017| Frances|

Teaching a course is a great way to build your authority and influence, as well as make a bit of money. If you’ve got a skill that other people want to learn then you are in business. There are lots of different ways you can deliver an online course – sending lessons out in emails or delivering ebooks and worksheets. Or you can set up a website that can host PDFs, podcasts, videos, tools, worksheets and downloads where students can track their progress, exchange ideas with others in the course, have AMAs, webinars and all sorts. A real all-round experience.

Fantastic New WordPress Themes For Sharing Podcasts

October 31, 2017| Frances|

Podcasting is a huge business but the waters are muddied by the vast array of choices out there on where people can find your podcasts and download them, and on what devices with which apps they will listen. Spreading your content all around is great for getting seen but less great for getting organised and staying in control.

How To Build Your Own Growth Hackers Style Website With WordPress

October 17, 2017| Frances|

Growth hacking is a concept that is getting some massive attention and no-one is capitalising on that better and cornering the market more than the website Growth Hackers. CEO and founder Sean Ellis has a long track record in growth hacking before it was even called that – and played an instrumental part in calling it that. With stints at Dropbox, Eventbrite and other big names, he earned his growth hacking stripes.

How To Grow Your Own Zomato With This WordPress Theme

September 29, 2017| Frances|

Zomato is a popular website for finding restaurants and food delivery. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? You go on, enter your area and search for what you fancy, or to check out a particular restaurant. Or you can browse the collections and recommendations, see what is trending, or filter your results even more.