Designing a high converting WooCommerce Sales Page

June 16, 2017| Mike|

In the latest Optimisation Report, it was clear that there was a lot of drop offs when going from Product to Cart. Almost 90% of visits were dropping off (according to Google Analytics). In this post, I’ll put together a plan for how a high converting WooCommerce Sales Page looks like for digital products.

3 ways to use the Plugin Hunt Theme to make your website shine

May 1, 2017| Mike|

The Plugin Hunt WordPress theme takes the very best parts of Product Hunt’s structure and puts them together in a comprehensive, easy-to-use package for WordPress. If you’re on the fence about purchasing a theme to help monetize your website or grow your audience, perhaps this article will give you the push you’ve been looking for.

Optimisation Report (April 2017) – Google Analysis

April 19, 2017| Mike|

OK, I’ve been a bit behind with the focus on Epic Themes (the last optimisation report was based on March 2017’s data). Through analysing these Optimisation reports, my aim is to chronicle the journey of growing ‘Epic Themes‘ and see how any changes impact Growth.

How to Make Money with Niche WordPress Themes

April 18, 2017| Mike|

Deciding what kind of site you want yours to be is half the battle. Opting to go with a niche site using something like the Plugin Hunt Theme gets you even closer, but how are you supposed to choose which niche to work with and what are you supposed to do once you have?

Optimisation Report – 16th Feb to 1st March 2017

March 2, 2017| Mike|

I wanted to start writing about my journey to grow Epic Themes monthly sales figures, if you didn’t see the latest numbers they are over on the Epic Plugins Blog (transparency reports are grouped there, as that’s where they started out and will stay).

What’s missing when it comes to WordPress Themes

February 21, 2017| Mike|

It’s almost the end of February. That means that my fourth WordPress Theme in the ’12 Themes in 12 Months’ challenge is due out in less than a week. The truth is I’ve not even started on this yet. Instead I’ve taken things back to the drawing board and been doing some thinking. What’s missing.