The rise in both the accessibility and ease of use provided by WordPress means there are now more WordPress sites than ever being created.

The creators of those websites want them to be unique, help them!

What You’ll Sell

Epic Themes is a self explanatory name – you will be selling high quality, uniquely designed themes for WordPress websites. It couldn’t be easier!

You refer a client who is then able to purchase a .ZIP file containing their chosen theme and upload it to their website.

Once the theme is activated, their website looks exactly how they want it to look!

How it Works

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate and making serious money, all you need to do is sign up using the following link: https://epicthemes.com/affiliate-area/

From there, once you have signed up, you will have the ability to generate affiliate links which you can then provide to your leads as well as access to creative aspects such as advert theme banners.

You may also use your own links, text or otherwise, should you choose. All of your referrals are tracked, and if the person you refer makes a purchase, you get a cut!

What You Get

You will earn 50% of every sale that is made due to your referral. So for a $100 sale, you’d earn $50!

Payments are made quickly and easily via PayPal, linked to the email address you use when you sign up. It really couldn’t be easier; making sales means making money!

So if you have what it takes to feed people’s hunger for creative and unique WordPress website themes, and make good money while you do it, there’s only one thing you need to do!