Plugin Hunt Theme

Product Hunt for WordPress

The Easiest to use, Content Curation Theme

Do you want to start the next big thing in the ‘curated web’? With the Plugin Hunt Theme you can do just that!

Keep your website visitors Engaged by letting them submit content to you. Keep your site fresh with new content as your website users comment, vote on and share your content all over the internet.

Start curating and collecting content in your chosen niche using the Plugin Hunt Theme. The ease of voting and commenting on content really makes this Theme stand out – Theme Hunt

You can be up and running in minutes and have amazing curated content which users are raring to vote on, comment on and share with their audiences.

Start curating the next big thing!

Did you see the Product Hunt was recently acquired by AngelList for around $20m?

This shows there is MASSIVE value in ‘curated content’ websites.  Why not make yours the next big thing and use the Plugin Hunt Theme to help you get there?  This theme gives you:-

  • beautiful front end with the ease and simplicity of WordPress as the back-end
  • Fully customisable colours and four layouts to help your site stand out from the crowd
  • Super Easy sign up options using Facebook, Twitter or standard login
  • Engaging content, which is easily shared on Social Media bringing you even more traffic
  • More traffic = more curated content = a kick ass, cool site.

Some quick testimonials from our users!

The Plugin Hunt Theme gets great feedback from our users. Check out some of the comments we have received on the theme from our users.

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