Fantastic New WordPress Themes For Sharing Podcasts

October 31, 2017| Frances

Podcasting is a huge business but the waters are muddied by the vast array of choices out there on where people can find your podcasts and download them, and on what devices with which apps they will listen. Spreading your content all around is great for getting seen but less great for getting organised and staying in control.

A central hub that collects all your podcasts, notes and supplementary material and more is a great idea. Not just great – it’s essential if you want to use your podcast to make some money or build your brand.

On your website you can link to your products or services, add affiliate links, give people a way to contact you, and build a mailing list.

The needs from this kind of website are different from the needs of musicians. If you want your website to revolve around your podcast and it not just be an extra tacked on then get a WordPress theme for podcasts that really puts it front and centre.

So let’s take a look at the best WordPress themes for podcasts. Plus at the end there’s a bonus theme for people without their own show but who love podcasting and would like to build a community around it.

7 fantastic WordPress themes for podcasts

Enter Podcaster – the name says it all. It’s purpose built for podcasting. It’s specially optimised for use with some of the most popular podcasting plugins so it has the technical side down and it looks great. On the front page visitors can get straight on with listening to your latest podcast and there are integrations with your regular blog and mailing list subscriptions too. The archive looks great with individual covers for each episode that you can easily upload on WordPress as featured images. Everything has been tweaked with podcasting in mind.

Sonik is a more general music WordPress theme but it has an emphasis on discoverability that works for podcasting. It even comes with a radio station template and three other pre-installed templates that would suit podcasters. There is WooCommerce support, custom fields and post types specialised for audio, and much more.

EpicThemes’ own Timeline theme is a unique look for a blog that would be amazing for a podcast. The timeline makes each post stand out and your audience can start at the beginning and follow along, or navigate through however they like. It blends the blog and chronological aspect with a podcast really nicely.

Then there’s Vice, another all-purpose musician theme but one that does include podcasting. Even though the focus is on the audio, Vice is a stunning-looking theme that you will love. It has YouTube video backgrounds and its own advanced player.

A real rockstar in this category is Viseo. Billed as a “news, video and podcast WordPress theme” it has a drag and drop builder, a premium audio and video player included, ecommerce support, total customisation and all the demo content you need to hit the ground running.

Sessions is a seriously good looking and slick but easy-to-use theme as well. It has WooCommerce support so you can add a store and your audience can listen to your podcast streamed over the site while they shop.

Remix Music is a general musical theme but would work great for podcasts. It comes with importable demos to choose from, plenty of integrations to make life easy and a shareable music player.

And a bonus for if you don’t have your own podcast

If you love podcasts but don’t have your own you might feel a bit shut out. But here’s an alternative: curating, collecting, discovering and promoting podcasts.

The PluginHunt theme makes it easy to build a community site around a niche like podcasting. Inspired by Product Hunt you could make a version to hunt great podcasts. User generated content is big right now but people are put off starting those kinds of websites thinking you need expensive and intensive development. But you don’t.

People can submit their favourite podcasts, comment and discuss, vote and rank. It has social networking features to build the community and get users returning time and time again.

Build a community around podcasts with WordPress and the PluginHunt theme. No coding required.

Some useful podcasting WordPress plugins too

Even with a great theme in place you could do with some great WordPress plugins for podcasting too.

Smart Podcast Player is used by some of the top podcasts going and at a very reasonable price. Seriously Simple Podcasting is a top choice and PowerPress by Blubrry comes highly recommended too.

These themes make it easy to find and listen to your podcast on a platform you control. So you can sell to your listeners with WooCommerce integration, or get them signed up to your email list. So share your podcast far and wide, but keep your website focussed with these WordPress themes for podcasts and our tips.

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