How To Build Your Own Growth Hackers Style Website With WordPress

October 17, 2017| Frances

Growth hacking is a concept that is getting some massive attention and no-one is capitalising on that better and cornering the market more than the website Growth Hackers.

CEO and founder Sean Ellis has a long track record in growth hacking before it was even called that – and played an instrumental part in calling it that. With stints at Dropbox, Eventbrite and other big names, he earned his growth hacking stripes.

Growth Hackers itself began in 2013 as a community for marketers and people growing their businesses. A few years later they were working on their software, building courses, offering consulting and fleshing out their products and services.

Growth Hackers is home to a bustling and vibrant community of professionals with a common interest. How do you fancy making a Growth Hackers of your own, to support your business, for your niche or industry?

But doesn’t it need a team of developers and a big investment? No. You can run a site just like Growth Hackers on a simple WordPress installation, using the right WordPress themes like Growth Hackers. And here’s how.

This WordPress theme like Growth Hackers is all you need

Epic Hackers takes the power of the WPeddit theme and gives it a Growth Hackers style makeover. User submissions of links and questions, as well as lots of user generated content are easy with the front end user interface. Get users logged in with their own account and profile area. Boost user engagement with voting and trending topics. Users can get notifications to keep them coming back to the site.

You can add videos, host Ask Me Anything events, set up separate areas, have a store and sell addons. Plus Epic Hacker looks great with a fashionable, flat UI.

All in WordPress with the flexibility and ease of use that comes with it.

Let’s take a closer look at some of Epic Hacker’s amazing features.

You can curate user generated content to build a popular community. It’s simple for users to submit, discuss and vote on content.

Upvoted popular content rises to the top using special algorithms so the best stuff always gets seen.

Growth Hackers has sections for posts, Q&A, discussions, AMAs, growth studies, videos and jobs, all within the community. Plus they have the rest of the website for selling their courses, consulting and software.

What could you do with a site like Growth Hackers?

Niche sites can be very profitable, or you could use it to build authority for your consultancy business.

The options are limitless and completely up to you. Because you don’t need a team of web developers, coding experience or investment to get started right now.

You just need a few basics, that you might already have and would need no matter what sort of site you wanted to make. Why not make it something exceptional?

First off, you need a domain name and webhosting. Epic Themes always recommends Bluehost for great hosting, support and value.

Then you need to get WordPress installed. WordPress is open source and free and many webvhosts have a simplified installation process that is just a few clicks.

Purchase the Epic Hackers theme and download it. You might want to pick up the Notify Me plugin too, to add more features to your user profiles.

Add the theme from the WordPress dashboard. If it’s your first time using WordPress don’t get worried, it’s super simple to use and you will get the hang of it easily. Themes are under Appearance. If you know your way around WordPress you will have that zip file uploaded in seconds flat. Activate the theme and you are basically done.

Epic Hackers works great out the box but you can make all the tweaks and customisations you like and get your site looking just perfect. Set up some categories and areas and you are good to go.

You might want to beef your site out with a few more features. NotifyMe was mentioned above – it gives you advanced notification options for users and is well worth adding. OnboardMe is a plugin that helps with onboarding and really boosts user retention and gets them going during that all-important beginning phase.

Then you might want to look at plugins for security, speed and other WordPress basics.

Now it’s time to go out there and get some visitors. Post lots of great content yourself to get the community up and running. It will quickly develop its own momentum if you take care of the first stages.

WordPress themes like Growth Hackers give you the look and features of some of the most popular websites out there. Whatever your niche or industry, setting up a Growth Hackers style website is easy with WordPress and the Epic Hackers theme.

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