How to Make Money with Niche WordPress Themes

April 18, 2017| Mike

Deciding what kind of site you want yours to be is half the battle. Opting to go with a niche site using something like the Plugin Hunt Theme gets you even closer, but how are you supposed to choose which niche to work with and what are you supposed to do once you have?

This post will give you some ideas and examples.

The Niche: YouTube Videos

YouTube is a fantastic source of continuous content; if you don’t have video content on your website, you’re missing out on a great way to engage your audience/visitors. By providing people with a quick and easy way to view their favourite types of YouTube content, you’re basically guaranteed a steady stream of traffic.

The more popular the subject matter, the more likely you are to have people flocking to your site like hungry seagulls in the middle of summer.

Some Ideas

FailArmy Videos

Harvest all of the videos published by popular ‘funny video’ channels and see which ones your visitors deem the most hilarious.

UFC Knockouts

See which knockouts people are most impressed by and add new ones all the time to keep them coming back for more.

Music Videos

Add videos from a particular genre and see which one rises to the top as people upvote and comment on their favourites. You can niche this one down even further by categorizing into ‘best hip hop’, ‘best dance’, etc.. Alternatively, you could create a brand new niche website in addition to your existing one just for this purpose.

The Plugin Hunt Theme supports direct submissions from your community in the ‘Submit New’ form.

Increase Your Profit Even More

An easy way to help your new YouTube niche site along even further is to target ads to your demographic. For example, if your niche site is based on UFC knockouts, you could send out ads for UFC merchandise.

The Niche: Best Products For [X]

Obviously, Product Hunt is all about products. With this theme, you can divide some of those products into sub-products and create your niche site around more particular items instead. If you want to extend this idea even further, you could consider adding various categories or tags  – Niching down to this level gives your site the chance to rise up the Google Ranking since each product posted has its own URL with specific keywords.

Some Ideas

The Best Themes for WordPress

Compile a list of your favourite and more functional WP themes.

The Best Apps for the iPhone or Android

Know which apps people should be download in order to get the most out of their phones? Make money off that knowledge with your niche site.

The Best Apps for Sketch

Show budding graphic designers which apps they should be using to help get their business off the ground.

The Best Repositories on GitHub

Folks want to know what repositories they should be using. Why shouldn’t you be the person to tell them?

Heck, you could even use it as an upvote and review site for things like laptops and personal computers, or even something like football boots or trainers. The possibilities really are endless!

Increase Your Profit Even More

Many places have an affiliation program. This is where you get a percentage from every sale you refer. Look into your niche for affiliate programs and your bank account will be growing in no time!

The Niche: The Best [website] Items

Envato Marketplace is huge; you can set up a niche website running from the data on their marketplace and use their affiliate system to send visitors from your site to theirs, then earn a commission from any sales. Sounds good, right?

But plugins and themes are already covered fairly well, don’t you think? So, Why should you create your own niche in this area? Because it pays quite well – Envato will give you 30% of any sale you bring them. That’s a pretty decent referral return.

Some Ideas

The Best Woocommerce Plugins

Help new business owners skip a big headache by showing them exactly what they need to add to their store(s).

The Newest Free Plugins and Themes for WordPress

Everyone loves something for free (and might be more likely to pay more for additional functionality).

The Best Graphic River Items

Know which Graphic River items are better than all the rest? Showcase them on your site.

Expand Your Profit Even More

Content is king, they say; it can help dramatically with your SEO and will give you the opportunity to be more than just another review site.

The Niche: The Best University [X]

Niching to a University is exactly how Facebook got started. It makes sense when you think about it – Students spend a whole lot of time on their computers. Many of those students had to travel to get to where they are, so they don’t know anything about their new surroundings yet.

These sorts of sites are super expandable – Students and teachers alike are likely to want to advertise their events or promote their interests.

Some Ideas

The Best Courses for [Subject] Geeks

Find all the challenging courses and put them in one handy place so that people interested in that subject can get everything they need without having to leave their dorm.

The Best Bars at Campus [X]

Everyone loves to have a good time, but no one wants to spend much time trying to figure out where to go. This sort of site is perfect for compiling the best hangouts.

The Most Extraordinary Events Coming Up This Week

Since hanging out at bars until the early hours of the morning isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, this sort of site gives you the opportunity to show students what other sorts of things are out there.

Adding profile and commenting abilities to this sort of niche site will give it a familiar social media feel that the students can relate to.

Expand Your Profit Even More

Advertising is where you make your bank here – Students will happily pay you to display their various functions and events.

The Niche: The Best Hotels in [City]

Nearly everyone loves to travel but nearly no one loves putting all the effort into researching the best hotels in the place they’ll be visiting. By creating a niche site around the best hotels in any given area, you can save someone a lot of searching. They’ll then tell their friends who will, in turn, tell their friends… You get the idea.

Some Ideas

The Best Hotels In [Country]

Countries, for the most part, are huge and have plenty of hotels to choose from. Even after narrowing it down to only the very best ones, you’re still likely going to have quite a few.

The Best Hotels For Golfing

Quite a few people will travel to play golf, but not many of them have timeshares so they end up staying in a hotel. Show them which ones are worth it.

The Best Hotels With A Spa Facility

A lot of folks like to spend their time in the spa relaxing while they’re on a business trip or holiday, but not all of the facilities end up meeting their expectations. Display only the very best ones on your site and provide plenty of (preferably up-to-date) pictures.

The Best Hotels With Free WiFi

In this day and age, just about everyone is looking to get a good internet connection while they’re away from home. People will thank you for putting a niche site like this together because it will save them a ton of calling around.

Expand Your Profit Even More

Plenty of hotel searching websites have affiliate programs – Look into them and choose the best one(s) for your business. Every single time someone books a room on their site after leaving yours, you’ll get a chunk of change.

The Niche: The Best Product Hunt Style Sites

This one is so obvious that most people won’t even think of it. There’s quite a directory of hunting websites out there, so why not put them all in one convenient and super accessible place so that people can easily find whatever they need.

Expand Your Profit Even More

Featured product and/or sidebar promotions are absolutely perfect for this sort of site – Pick a ‘cool product of the day’ or ‘week’ and get a percentage of the profits every time someone purchases one.

These are just a few ideas, but with this inspiration and a little creativity you can have about a million different niche websites of your own in no almost no time at all.

Getting Started in Four Simple Steps

Here’s all you need to do in order to get your niche site up and running:

  1. Choose a web host for your site (Bluehost and SiteGround are both great)
  2. Have a domain in mind for your niche site and purchase it.
  3. Purchase a license for the Plugin Hunt Theme here.
  4. Find some time to get content added to the website.


And that’s it! What’s your first niche website going to be? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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