Plugin Hunt Theme

Play Podcasts, or Music with the Plugin Hunt Theme

Problem: You want to have embedded music in the products.

Solution: You can now add .mp3 links into the product.


1What is supported

See that screenshot? That’s what is the big new addition in version 6.6 of the Plugin Hunt Theme (from May 2017 onwards).

You can now use the theme to display podcasts or music which is embedded into the post flyout.

2How do you add podcasts / music?

To use this functionality really is quite simple. All you need to do is add a new custom field to your posts (with the id podcast_link). In this custom field you add the URL to your .mp3 file.

If the post has a custom field podcast_link then the theme will embed this as an audio file on the single post screen.

This is a great way of adding music to your posts.