Ultimate WordPress Themes To Launch Your New Online Course

November 14, 2017| Frances

Teaching a course is a great way to build your authority and influence, as well as make a bit of money.

If you’ve got a skill that other people want to learn then you are in business.

There are lots of different ways you can deliver an online course – sending lessons out in emails or delivering ebooks and worksheets. Or you can set up a website that can host PDFs, podcasts, videos, tools, worksheets and downloads where students can track their progress, exchange ideas with others in the course, have AMAs, webinars and all sorts. A real all-round experience.

If that is your goal then you need one of the many WordPress themes for education to help your site look great, be easy to use, and carry the load.

The base for the site will be WordPress. WordPress is great for all kinds of websites – not just blogs. It’s a content management system that is flexible, powerful and massively popular.

So here’s a rundown of some of our favourite WordPress themes for education with tips on what you should be looking out for and how to stand out from the crowd.

If the main focus of your course is on a community, student interaction, questions and so on, or it errs more towards being a membership site, you could look at a community plugin like BuddyPress or bbPress.

bbPress gives you a traditional looking forum and BuddyPress is more of a social networking site. They are used on all sorts of websites, not just for education, and your students might find that familiarity nice.

Or you can get really focussed with one of these great WordPress themes for education

The WordPress themes for education rundown

Here are five excellent WordPress themes for education. They are all popular, with rave reviews and plenty of sales.

Each has their particular strengths so think carefully about your course, how it is delivered and what you want to achieve. Then you can match your theme to the course content and delivery.

Plus there’s a bonus theme you might not find if you just search “best WordPress themes for education” that will give you a real edge.

Academy is a learning management theme that isn’t just great for learners but for teachers too. Comprehensive options let you set your site up exactly as you like it. You get all the ease of using WordPress but your students will never even notice they are on the platform.

Try out the live demo.

Education WordPress Theme, also known as Eduma 3.0, uses the LearnPress LMS plugin. At first glance it looks very school or college oriented but it can be used for elearning, online courses and as an online learning hub. It has bbPress and BuddyPress support and over ten demo templates ready to install.

Check out the site and demo.

WPLMS bills itself as the number one online learning platform and has clocked up over 15,000 sales. There are over 700 options for you to tweak – on the front end. You can set up quizzes and tests and integrate your site with WooCommerce.

Have a look at the demo and details.

University is an education, event and course theme so you can sell in-person training too. There’s event management included plus an event calendar. It’s compatible with LearnDash, bbPress and WooCommerce.

Check out the preview.

Clever Course is specifically designed for creating and selling courses online. You can take a peek at the instructor, student and transaction backends and there is a wide range of course payment options included.

Try the demo.

Now for our secret weapon – Epic Hackers. The Epic Hackers theme gives you a Growth Hackers style site. And what do Growth Hackers sell on their site, along with software and consulting? You guessed it – online courses.

You can use the community to attract potential customers for your course, or build a community for the people taking your course. Epic Hackers is great to use as a membership site too. It’s a versatile and powerful theme that really pushes at WordPress’s boundaries.

Find out more about Epic Hackers and check out how to build your own Growth Hackers style website with WordPress.

Hunt the best online courses around

How about coming at this from the other angle and instead of delivering your own course (or maybe as well as?) you can help people find the right course for them.

Plugin Hunt uses the fantastic community features of Product Hunt so you can build a Product Hunt clone with WordPress.

So if you are launching a new online course take a look at these ultimate WordPress themes for education. You can deliver personalised courses on a slick-looking, powerful website without any coding, without spending loads of money and investing too much time.

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