Premium WordPress Themes

Start the next Product Hunt, run your own version of Reddit or Start a Growth Hackers type website!

Epic WordPress Themes 

Our Themes are built to help you replicate some of the popular websites out there, but for your own little niche

Easy Setup

All our themes are easy to setup and have theme options and customisations available.

Mobile Ready

Designed to be mobile ready but also give you out of the box features seen on other sites.

Optimised Features

Don’t over-bloat with too much MVP features. Our themes take the best of the best bits to keep users engaged.

Easy to Use

Most importatntly the themes are easy to use and once setup a joy for people to keep coming back to.

Our Themes 

Billed yearly until cancelled

Billed yearly until cancelled

Billed yearly until cancelled

Epic Themes is a Premium WordPress theme shop based in Manchester, UK