The Best WordPress Themes for a New Kind of Business

September 12, 2017| Frances

Everyone is searching for the next big thing – the Unicorn startup, the app that will make millions. New businesses and new websites are launched every day.

And every day new business and website owners are asking themselves the same questions. How do you make your website stand out? How do you find customers for your business?

Epic Themes doesn’t have all the answers on how to found the next Facebook or Twitter. We do have the answers on what we think are the best WordPress themes for a new kind of business.

The business and the website become one and the same.

Lots of people look at these businesses and their websites and say, “I could have done that.” You could have. You might even have had the idea. But someone else made those ideas a reality and got there before you.

Or you could be dreaming of starting the “next” big something. The “next” Facebook. Or the “but for…” idea. “Uber, but for…”

Maybe you didn’t act because of a lack of technical know-how, or lack of resources. But using some of the best WordPress themes for business – specifically for this new kind of business – we are going to see how you can quickly and inexpensively put together the website you always imagined for the business you always dreamed of.

A new kind of website for a new kind of business

Many new tech businesses dream of trending on Product Hunt. Being hunted there and featured on the site for thousands of visitors to see each day can make or break a business. Even the breaking can be good: more than one website has been crashed by the incoming weight of Product Hunt visitors.

So being featured on Product Hunt is good for business – but Product Hunt itself is also a good business.

Having received millions in funding and being backed by Y Combinator, Product Hunt is on the search for the key to real profitability. Based in San Francisco and headed by Ryan Hoover, the startup is influential without any of the ruthlessness that might come with it. A key component is the largely supportive and positive community. Everyone wants to see great products do well.

Product Hunt is yet another example of a business built on mostly user generated content and a community site. The curated web is the new big thing. Think you could do the same? Well, you can give it your best shot with a new contribution to the best WordPress themes for business: the Plugin Hunt theme by Epic Themes.

You can recreate the look and feel of Product Hunt with one theme, a few plugins and WordPress.

Product Hunt began as an email list but is now a fully functioning website built with Ruby on Rails, Javascript and all the other coding bells and whistles most of us don’t have the time or the aptitude for. If your emphasis is more on building a business than coding a website from scratch then you need a ready-made framework.

You can run your new business on WordPress with a business theme like Plugin Hunt. All of Product Hunt’s best features are here.

It’s everything you need to create a website just like Product Hunt, out the box. Two different layout styles, fully customisable colour schemes, great looking front end with forms for user submissions, Twitter or Facebook logins, blogging, beautiful comments, trending content, collections, invites, discussions, social linking and so much more.

Plus there’s WooCommerce support – so you can monetise your site by selling products directly from it. Keep customers coming back with all the great content and keep them buying from you. Or you could collect affiliate commissions on featured items or charge for membership or upgrade options – there are plenty of ways to turn this into a profitable business. And we have plenty more ideas on how to make money with niche themes.

The Plugin Hunt theme has tonnes of rave reviews from people putting their business ideas into practice. Is it time you joined them? Check out our guide on how to build a Product Hunt clone using WordPress.

This community-based approach is an angle some of the biggest internet companies are taking and it is paying dividends.

It can be used in any industry too. Or all industries and for every subject under the sun – like Reddit. We’ve got a whole article on how to make a site like Reddit with WordPress. It uses the WPeddit theme – another great WordPress theme for businesses looking for a web curation model.

HackerNews is for, well, hackers, as well as startups, web development, SaaS and related industries. It runs on a very similar setup to Reddit. What niche or industry could you get into with a similar site? Provide the community with a place to grow and you could find yourself at the helm of a big website and big business opportunity.

“Growth hacking” is a buzzword of the moment and enjoying a lot of hype. have been there all the way and has a massive community along with selling software and courses.

If you want to become an authority in a niche, being the go-to watercooler, community or information hub for that niche is no bad thing. Like at Growth Hackers you can monetise that audience for yourself with consulting, educational or informational products, software products, books – the options are up to you.

The Epic Hackers theme gives you everything you need to create a site like Growth Hackers. Post links or articles, hold discussions or AMAs and host videos just like on Growth Hackers. But with the Epic Hackers theme it’s super-simple to set up and get started.

These sites were the inspiration for those themes but they work elsewhere too., for instance, is for marketing of various kinds. It’s the literal result of Moz and Hubspot getting together and having a baby. The community shares links, posts articles and holds discussions. Sound familiar? Look familiar?

That’s right. And this kind of site is only going to get more and more popular.

So how are you going to use these WordPress for your new business?

Enough fantasising about building the next big thing. Now you can quickly and easily get a great value theme for your website and get started.

Which of these fantastic WordPress themes for your new business are you going to use? They each have their own particular emphasis and would suit different kinds of sites.

Some questions to think about:

  • How broad a niche or industry do you want your site to cover?
  • Is the emphasis more social or more professional?
  • How might you want to monetise the site?

If the site is focussed around discussing particular products or items of any sort, then the Plugin Hunt theme would work well. It also has the advantage of WooCommerce integration.

For the more wide-ranging and socially-fuelled site then WPeddit might be the answer. And for a broader selection of article and link submissions Epic Hackers could be the one. Check out their pages for more screenshots and demos to give them a try.

Once you have chosen and purchased your theme just upload it to the WordPress themes area under the Appearance tab.

None of the same-old same-old looking websites and WordPress themes for business. These are exciting new WordPress themes for a new kind of business.

What else do you need beside the themes?

All these themes work great out the box. You will be able to customise them to your heart’s content, or just hit the ground running. They have everything you need, but you might want to extend your site a bit more.

These plugins add some great functionality onto your site and can really level it up with minimal work on your end.

NotifyMe for advanced notifications for users. Get your visitors signing up and coming back time and time again with all the extra NotifyMe additions.

FeedbackMe is specially built for the Plugin Hunt theme though it will work with all the others and adds a feedback box.

Boost retention and help people get started on your site with the OnboardMe plugin.

Another one for Plugin Hunt, PopularThis adds a new area into the theme for showing popular content from a certain time period.

For the WPeddit theme you need the WPeddit plugin, which adds Reddit’s iconic up and down voting system to your content.

Show your visitors how the page they are visiting is trending with Social Buzz.

For the ultimate in social image sharing, Social Gallery and its related plugins give you Facebook style images on WordPress with a fantastic lightbox gallery, commenting on images and so much more.

These themes are not like all the other WordPress themes for business. It’s about more than showing off your blog posts. These are super-functional themes packed with amazing and powerful features. You don’t need tonnes of expensive development work doing, or hours of coding, to get started. Out the box you can get not just business themes but business frameworks and tools, with an Epic Themes theme and WordPress.

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